Thorens TD-226 and VG26 Vacuum generator

i experts,

Anyone has the user guide or installation menu for Thorens TD-226 and VG26 Vacuum generator ?

Thanks all of you in advance.
I am aware that for a short time Thorens did produce a vacuum platter mat that they named "Thorens Disc Contact".  It was often used on a TD126 or TD127 or TD226.  But the "Disc Contact" could be used on any of the two piece platter systems within the thorens lineup as well as other brands of turntable platters.

You can find a manual for the Disc Contact over at Vinyl Engine within their library.

I've never heard of a VG26 vacuum generator. 

Perhaps someone, in the past, has adapted a 'non Thorens' vacuum generator to work on your TD226?  Just guessing.


Hi Steve, thanks