Thorens TD 2030

I know, I know .... it's pretty. And it's also cheap. I had picked up a TD 2010 (little brother of the 2030). It was well-reviewed and just as importantly, is flat-out gorgeous.

But after visiting the Audio Advisor site, I discovered that the 2030 had just been reduced to the same price as the 2010. They had one left, so the swap was a no-brainer as it's even prettier and is a better table, for as much as reviews can be trusted.

Mechanical differences are 1.4" thick sandwich plinth vs 1" thick solid (both acrylic), Thorens' modified version of the Rega 300 arm vs the 250, 14-lb platter vs 9-pounder.

When it arrives, I will update this thread with sonic impressions, as these tables seem to be evaluative oddities, perhaps because nobody trusts the pretty ones. I already know that it won't be as good as the Maplenoll Ariadne I just parted with, and at this stage in my life, I'm OK with that.
Just a brief update: This table is brilliant. Being very familiar with that Maplenoll sound, what the Thorens doesn't have is that authority, that heft to the sound that comes with the sheer mass that Maplenoll brought to the table.

But it is one of those "blissful ignorance" turntables, in that it is SO good, that it can serve as an exit point for the confident hobbyist.

Again, avoiding the audiophile mumbo-jumbo, it just plays music. Bass is very deep and refined (obviously, "deep" being defined by the limits of my NOLA Boxers) and there is a pace to the music that is captivating.

In addition, of course, it is drop-dead gorgeous in a sun-lit room. I honestly didn't expect it to be so good, and am pleased that it is, since I can, once again, stamp my analog system card "DONE."

I picked this one up at almost half-off from Audio Advisor, and after having listened to it for some time, would have considered it worth the dosh, even at full pop.