Thorens TD-203 experiences?

I've been considering changing out my vintage PL 15D II for one of these to get better performance in a more compact footprint.  I'm especially pleased that they've started shipping with the Ortofon 2M Blue in place of the TAS (A-T); I've always been partial to the Ortofon MM sound.  That, along with the recent price reduction has kindled my current attention.

This would not be a rig that would get a lot of use; I keep the old Pioneer for noisier and/or weak recordings that don't benefit from my high end table.  It works well enough, but has never been especially engaging even with a hyper-accurate alignment of a new 2M Red.  I'm also very tight on space in my rack.  The height of the PL 15 is uncomfortable to work with and is not especially attractive.

I've read the reviews and have only seen one or two pop up second hand, so am thinking it offers a good value proposition.  I'd like to hear from current and/or former owners about their experiences, especially adjusting the azimuth, VTA and impressions of overall build quality.  It's my understanding the deck is designed in Germany and made in Asia, so build quality strikes me as a potential concern.

FWIW, I owned a Planar 2 for a long time and got good service out of it.  I had originally considered another one (now that they make them again) or a Pro-Ject Debut as well.  They're both just wide enough to be a fit problem in the space so not feasible.

Look forward to your input!

I just bought one as a replacement for an original Pro-ject 1. The TD-203 at its new lowered price of $699 and an Ortogon 2m Blue looked like the best bargain out there. I first was unsure of whether there was a VTA adjustment, but I found out that it's not documented in the manual, but is the same procedure as the TP-92 tonearm: i.e. loosen the tonearm locknut and pull up or down. So, it looks like it has all the adjustments I may want. The sound is very impressive on my best vinyl. Not sure if cart break-in is a myth, but I'm using it as much as I can, just in case I get further improvement.
@rff000 Please keep me posted on how things progress.  I haven't made my move yet, but am thinking seriously about it in the next few months.  As you're the first respondent, I'm really interested to learn from your experiences.  I'm very pleased to hear about the VTA adjustment capability and that you've had good results on your best LPs.  Thanks for your reply and happy listening!
I'm not sure of propriety, but if you try Vinyl Engine's forum, look at the posts or responses by Rafaelmombo from Sweden.He is obviously very knowledgeable about cartridges and turntables, just loves his TD 203 and  Benz Micro silver cartridges. I've had Regas from P3 to P8, and was not impressed.
Thanks for the head's up on the VE thread, @boofer .  Read it over and it really does seem like the TD-203 could be a good choice for me; I really prefer neutral, uncolored playback.  I am also a fan of unipivot arms, so that's another selling point for me.

Now, for a bit more marinating before I pull the trigger...

Thanks again & happy listening!
I’ve had a Thorens TD203 w/ Ortofon 2m Blue cartridge for 2 months and absolutely love it. This is one dynamic sounding turntable w/ gobs of PRaT. Very clean, detailed, extended, tight rhythmic bass, airy highs, big soundstage. I really works for me and mates well w/ Schiit Mani phono stage and Mystere tube integrated amp.

If I ever wanted to upgrade, which I don’t want to, the Thorens TD309 w/ Ortofon Black would be at the top of my list because I’m so impressed with what I’m hearing now.
I really appreciate the input, @mjcmt ; I've not pulled the trigger on the 203 yet.  Life is what happens while you're busy making plans!  Heading into a new year changes the equation so it will happen sooner rather than later.  I will report back once I get the ball rolling.  Thanks again and happy listening!
I recently ran into a little snag with my TD-203. I noticed that digitized audio always was always a bit faster (shorter length) than the posted times on the LP cover. An app showed that the RPM was 33.9 instead of 33.3. Next, I tried to adjust the speed screw under the table. But, apparently, I didn’t do it carefully enough and the screw became damaged. I brought it into the shop and they said that the pot and motor had to be replaced and they’d put it in as a warranty covered repair. I’m waiting for it to be ready. Actually, I couldn’t even hear the speed difference, but I wasn’t happy with 33.9 RPM on a table I bought for $700.
Just picked one up for $579 Rutherford. Comes with the tas 257 mm cartridge, albeit an AT 3600. However, based on the many reviews, the turntable as is sounds phenomenal for the money. That arm alone is almost $500 bucks, so to get it with the cartridge and electronic speed control is a bargain. It originally retailed in the US for $999. I chose the black color as it contrasted nicely with the silver arm. I’ll give it a spin with the tas 257, and maybe throw on a Sumiko Moonstone mm in future. The moonstone is one of the best values out there at $299. The arm is 11 grams (low-medium mass) and the moonstone is of a medium compliance so should fair well compatibility wise. I also think the AT F-7 mc cartridge (also medium compliance) would sound great on this table, but the price mark ups are ridiculous on that cartridge as I believe it was discontinued. It could be had @ $259 at one selling for over $500. The uni-pivot arm is unique at this price point, actually unheard should be a nice table to grow into as money allows with plenty of adjustments available. I really did not need another turntable, but to me, this table is so unique and nicely designed that I could not pass it up at that price. They won't be available forever, so I pounced on it. Should be fun to tinker with it.