Thorens TD 166 MK II Suspension?

I found a pretty close to mint one of these the other day for $12.
Anyway should the suspension springs be upgraded/replaced? Seems a bit bouncy to me. This deck was clearly cared for. It was in the original box. I bet it came out of a storage unit.
It works, and sounds great.
I have no personnel experience with Thorens.
My biggest complaint is the spindle. I have had to push records down onto the spindle.
It sounds great. Although I like my Luxman PD 272 very much.
they are indeed're fine.
Can the spindle be upgraded?
I have one,sounds good is good.
Mine sounds better than my Rega 2,the 166 mk II is a very synergistic design,far better than most think.
But that spindle is a pain. Some records, not all have to be pushed down onto the spindle though.
It does sound nice. I have to get a new stylus. I would like to replace the one that's on there now.
Sonus I believe. I think it's the original cartridge.
I have a Grado that I could buy a stylus for.
With the spindle issue I will go back to the Luxman. I think the Luxman is a superior deck.
Steve's site, The Analog Department has everything that you need to know about Thorens turntables. Check out the video on suspension tuning as well as both written summaries:

You will want to remove the foam from inside the springs when you do the setup as it just impedes the suspension. And yes, it is supposed to be bouncy, that's the design. Good luck.
Who is Steve? Steve Hoffman?
I don't have a Crystal ball guys.
Before you give up on it, try it without any platter mat. Yes, right on the bare metal platter. Be sure to lower the arm first to compensate for the VTA difference. I have noticed the problem with the too fat spindle, but it only bothers me on a few records, so this never mattered too much. Also, are you sure you should judge it inferior without treating it to a better cartridge?
That Luxman deck is very well built. Sounds great. It's because the Lux decks were made with only a few of them being upgradable that they don't get much fanfare with the exception of a few models.
The Thorens sounds great. But I should take my records and play them on the bare metal platter? That won't solve anything except cause me to have to push the record further down on the spindle. I have a valuable record collection that I would like to keep nice.
I have records I would like to play without pushing them down on that half ass spindle.
I just find this recommendation odd. If anything you would want a thicker mat, and raise the arm. That makes more sense then the opposite.
And the stock Luxman arm has no plastic, and is excellent.
I will tinker with the Thorens a tad more, but I am not impressed. Thankfully I never spend anything on this stuff.
To each his own. The Luxman cost $15 with a perfect condition Grado Cartridge/Stylus. And doesn't bounce. Laughing.
I gave you a link to the site, if you click on it you will find out who Steve is. You really don't need a crystal ball. Do you have a mouse on your computer?
I was on that site before asking any question on here. I did not see the posted link.
Another mat on top of the mat that came with deck did help a little with the spindle issue.
Would like to find a stylus for the Sonus Green Cartridge that's on there.
I must admit that the deck does sound very nice.
Can't complain for the price.
A Sonus Green is at least 35 years old,A 166 with a new Shure 97xe will pee on your Lux.
And a Sonus Gold/Blue would beat the Shure easily. So would a few others around that price range.
Otherwise your comment is childish.
I am done with this.
The spindle issue is the price you pay for admission to Thorens. My TD 125 MKII's have the same issue. Use a No. 2 pencil and twist it into the record center to widen it a tad. Works for me and I don't have to push on the supension springs.
I have a TD-166Mk II I bought new in 1984 (when I thought turntables would dissappear - HAH!). I actually like the over-sized spindle, since many LPs have over-sized center-holes. And yes, the suspension is bouncy. It can be leveled and adjusted with a screwdriver, I think, but I don't mess with such things. I have two arm wands, one with an Ortofon OM-30 Super, and the other with a Denon DL-160. Both track very well, and sound very good, but a bit different.

I did have a local modder work on the table last year. He added isolation feet that allow me to level it (my floor is very tilted), added damping material to the plinth and underside of the platter, and replaced the RCA cables with a higher quality cable. He also removed the MDF cover under the plinth, which he says is resonant. This is only advisable if you keep the whole turntable covered when not in use. Otherwise, dust will build up underneath the plinth.

Also, this modder is the maker of the Ersamat platter matt, which I purchased from him. In combo with a clamp (you need a lightwieght clamp for a suspended turntable), the performance has been significantly improved. I did not remove the rubber matt, but placed the Ersamat over it, as per the modder's instructions.

Also, don't forget to replace the belt (stick to a Thorens branded belt, available from many on-line sites). My modder recommends dusting the belt with talc, then wiping off the excess with a clean paper towel, prior to installation. This reduces belt-sticking on the pulley or sub-platter.

Here is a link to the matt and clamp I use:

Of course, each of these items costs more than what you paid for the Thorens, but then, you stole that thing!

I decided to go back to my Luxman PD 272.
Stock I see know difference with the exception that the 272 is nicer looking, you can mount just about any cartridge on it, and it does not bounce.
I am not a fan of suspension decks.
I have picked up a few Duals in the past, and to some extent that's what the Thorens reminds of. I hate that headshell on the Thorens.
The Thorens will find a new home. That's the good part. No buyers remorse. I had a feeling that when I found it I would flip it.