Thorens TD 160-significant upgrade possible $1500?

My current (budget) system includes a well sorted Thorens TD-160 with a Grade Blue cart. Amp is a Musical Fidelity A3.2 with a built in phono stage, and some Sonus Faber Concertino speakers.

If I had $1500-2000 to spend on a used TT and preamp, could I get a significant improvement in sound? I would be thinking along the lines of a VPI Scout and a $500 phono preamp (Parks Budgie?). For the time being, the MF A3.2 and speakers are likely not up for change.

I listen to mostly classic rock, alt rock, jazz, and folk. I'd like a little more energy and separation, if that makes sense.

thanks in advance
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Ok thanks! The view here seems to be to upgrade the cartridge first before going after a new turntable. This sounds good to me- does this mean that my Thorens 160 is a good enough platform to invent a new cartridge in?

You did not mention the tonearm you have on your TD-160. I owned one back in 1982. I was using the original Garrott Brothers P77, one of the great moving magnet cartridges, on an Excel Unipivot arm.

I did replace it with a lightly used Linn Sondek and that was an upgrade, as one would expect - or at least hope. A lot of music in those TD-160s though.

You seem to want "jump" a Rega 3 TT would be ideal for you.
There is also the so called 'super TD-160' modify in UK
with damping and other improvements. This one was preferred
in Europe above other Thorens versions. You can save this way
about $1100 from your budget.