Thorens TD 145 MK 1 ; How Many Tonearm Options Are There?

I have a Thorens TD 145 MK 1 with the original TP 16 tonearm. I set the tracking weight via the tonearm weight and leave the dial at 0. The arm lift no longer operates. I've done much to Frankenstein this table, i.e. thick hard maple plinth and plywood bottom, sub chassis and partial chassis dampening, Herbie's record mat. And, given that I like my Audio Technica AT 33 mono cartridge, the next logical step would seem to be a tonearm swap out. Of course, the most obvious choices for a new tonearm would be an SME, Rega, Mission, Jelco, Linn. However, my curiosity tells me that there may be some unexpected tonearms that would also fit nicely, like an Origin Live or a Thomas Schick tonearm.
The second part of this question would be whether adding a new tonearm to this Thoren is worth the trouble, or should I abandon it and allocate the money towards a Rega P 6 instead?
Considering the mods you list (especially the thick Maple plinth and the plywood bottom plate) it no longer sounds like a vintage Thorens.

If you prefer the sound of the mods, then perhaps you would be better off, in the long run, with a new Rega.

It sounds to me like you really like that Thornes table after all the work you have put into redoing the plinth. Any tonearm would be a huge up grade over that TP16, so I would throw a different tonearm on it and keep it. The RP6 is a great table for sure, and you can upgrade it as well. Either one you use, you will up grade. Your choices for cartridges in the future should be considered, the Rega will play well with most med compliance whereas depending on the tonearm you use on the Thornes you could use a Higher or lower compliance one. Also, I found the Grado reference Sonata woodbody to work very well with the TP16 tonearm for what its worth.

Matt M
@goofyfoot Regarding the P6...

Having been down the Rega path and never really being happy (until I applied the tweaks below) I would opt for another brand like...
- Clear Audio Concept - with arm $1600
- Music Hall MMF 7.3 - with arm $1400-$1600
- Sota Commet - with arm $1600

I bought the Rega Planar 2 in 1982 and spent 30+ years trying to "make it right" by applying with the following tweaks
- replaced the original "S" arm with the RB240,
- then replaced the harness in the RB240
- got the Michell Technoweight, which improved arm tracking
- finally replaced the RB240 with the Audiomods Classic - finally got VTA - AND antiskate that actually worked
- Platter - the glass is a good idea for minimizing wow/flutter, but it rang like a bell - the acrylic works much better
- sub platter - replaced the Rega plastic sub-platter with a metal one - what an improvement
- got a new ceramic bearing - now it’s quiet
- replaced the plinth - which stopped all the unwanted vibrations
- replaced the motor - finally consistent speed

But despite all of that I still have to apply the "Rega Nudge" to get the platter up to speed quickly and reduce belt wear.

The Audiobods Classic arm uses a Rega arm tube - and that;s where any similarity to the Rega arm ends. The arm is an amazing performer.

Jeff at Audiomods can probably make a mounting plate for your TT. He’s pretty knowledgeable about most things TT related - email him and ask his opinion about yout TT, he’ll let you know if the TT is worth the expense.

The arm will elevate your TT into a whole new level of performance.

Here’s a link detailing my current TT mods

Hope that inspires you :-)
mattmiller, I had the Grado Statement (low output) Sonata 2 on my arm but I prefer the mc AT33 mono cartridge. With a much better tonearm, I'd consider a higher end mono cartridge.
williewonka, thanks for the Audiomod info. The series 5 has a reasonable
price tag. Well worth considering.