Thorens TD-126 Mk II vs Sansui SR-717

Apart from brand loyalty, would everyone agree that comparably well-setup and with comparable quality cartridges, the Thorens is a significantly better table/arm? I have some attraction to the 717 as a mate to the my 8080db visually and 'system'-wise, but am thinking the Thorens could at least hold its own or even sound better than my 'modern' MMF-7/Eroica rig.

Having owned several Thorens and several Sansui's I wouldn't bet on it. I still miss a Sanuui 800 something with a Stanton 881 on it I had.
Top Sansuis would be competitive today.
IMO, neither table is all that great but if I had to choose I would opt for the TD-126, as long as it was a MkII unit and not a MkIII. The SR-717 should be significantly less expensive than a good-condition TD-126 w/ usable tonearm.
Do you worry about the electronics in these older DD tables becoming unobtainium? Are we getting near to this time for these particular mfrs? And therefore Would the sound quality out of one of their better belt drives, say a TD160 or FR3060, be not that far a step down to offset the longevity issue?