Thorens TD-126 Mark III

I'm trying to find the stylus alignment gauge for a Thorens TD-126 Mark III turntable with the TP-63/TP-16 arm/wand. Any idea where one could be located or if one from another model would work?

A what? (Don't want to be nasty you really get such a thing?)

You can use any printed alignment protractor to align a cartridge... or if you want a expensive tool like the Dr Feikert alignment tool.

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Dewald Visser
The alignment gauge that comes with the turntable serves two functions; one is to set the overhang, which can be done with a variety of tools. The second is to set the cartridge height in the head shell by using different thickness spacers. I have the spacers, but not the gauge to tell me how many I need for different cartridges.

The arm doesn't have a VTA adjustment, it's done on the cartridge end with the spacers.

Any luck Rick? I have the same table, but my spacer's are missing, do you have any idea if it is possible to create your own, they seem like little peices of plastic to me, nothing too fancy.
No luck on the gauge at all. I ended up replacing the entire arm with an SME III. This arm aligns easily and has a VTA adjustment, not to mention sounding better than the factory arm.

The spacers are just little plastic tabs in different thicknesses. They start at .5mm to about 3.5mm in my accessories bag.
Glad you're sorted!