Thorens TD-125/SME-3009 II

I just purchased this set-up recently and need the manuals for proper set-up and maintenance of this equip. I haven't asssembled it yet it needs the anti-skate pulley and weight. Anyone know the weight of the AS weight? Does anybody know the tweeks for this TT and a reprint source for the manuals? Will call at experts convience to save one all the typing. Need help!!! Thanks, Joe
Here is a link to good info on Thorens and near the bottom at that site, is a link that takes you to good info about setting up arms and cartridges.

This page has free copies of service manual in English and other languages in PDF.

The missing bias weight can be ordered HERE: for about $13.00, it's the original and I would not substitute another.

Enjoy !
Albert just said it all. I only wanna add that you have an outstanding TT and arm combination. I had exactly the same set up, with an Ortofon MC 15 II Super cartridge. I sold the entire set for a nickle and a dime, and still regret it. Enjoy!!