thorens td 125 or 3001BC?

i own both the above decks. neither has been used for years but vinyl beckons and it's time to get one of them sorted properly. 125 has a 7o's sme arm, 3001 a thorens version of the rega 300.i guess arm upgrade as a minimum. so i will sell one to go towards the fund for the other. but which one. first bit of feedback from a uk forum is sell the however there seems to be a lot of upgrade info for the 125 but cant find anything for the for comments, advice, experience etc! i'm in the uk. rest of system is krell and sonus faber.
the TD125 a very cool TT
i know 125 is good. but there dont seem to be as many 'improvers' in the uk as in the states. whereas 3001 is well engineered but no-one has heard of it.... i think there was a 2001 as well.