Thorens TD 125 MK II with TP 16 tonearm - What's it worth?

Hi all, I posted a thread the other day for a used Technics turntable to get some advice on whether or not to purchase it. It didn't work out, which was for the best probably after hearing all the skepticism regarding its condition.

Here is another table I came across that I'm hoping to work out a trade for (read description):

It has upgraded RCA's, a TP16 tonearm (which know nothing about), but needs a new belt and doesn't have a head shell/cartridge. I would just use the Shure M97xE that I purchased a couple weeks ago, but is the belt a big issue?

i love to work on projects like this. Fixing electronics, wood work, random home renovations, etc., and of course music, are what I do for relaxation so restoration isn't a biggy as long as I can do it myself without spending much $$.

Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks so much for taking the time to read!
Belt is no problem!
Headshell !
Thanks yogi! Is $450 a good price you think?
Hockey ,I am really not familiar with Thorens,having never owned one. But there is a mint VPI HW19 JR with an Audioquist arm listed on Ebay for a starting bid of $600. If you are looking for a great table I think a used VPI HW 19 is the way to go,they are built like a tank . BTW,parts are always available for the VPI.
Thanks yogi, but unfortunately if I get something it has to be from a trade. I'm living on student loans, so don't have any cash in the budget...
So a trade isn't going to work out, if I can get it for $400 cash is that a good deal or just average? I'll need to start selling stuff to even attempt to afford $400 
Make sure the 125 doesn't have a problem in it's electronics. It's a somewhat complicated and finicky design, and I and others have had the electronics malfunction, a problem whose source is very hard to identify. Three trips to the repair shop without a permanent solution. I would get the VPI HW-19 Jr. before the Thorens. I had the 19 Sr., and it's a great table.
Hi Hockey4496,

I'm shocked Audigon moderators haven't shut down this thread yet. Members are not supposed to try to sell gear in the forum or get pricing as Audiogon has their Bluebook service.

To try to gauge market value I look at historical Sold listings on ebay. Do a search on ebay in your case Thorens TD 125 TP16. Click on the Advanced link and select the Sold Listing button. Press Search again and you will then see historical sold listings.

I saw a sold listing of $600 for a similar Thorens on March 5 of this year. I saw list it for $600 plus shipping and see what you get. Don't list at $400 or $450. People will lowball you even more.

Best of luck on the sale.
Hi hockey4496, when set up properly that Thorens is a fine table for the buck. I looked at the Craigslist ad. A headshell & belt will be around $100. Sitting for so many years, I would check it over carefully and getting perfect alignment on this table can be a bit tedious. I believe it is certainly worth a trade and would end up better thanyour Denon, but for an entry llevel table your Denon is not bad. Just consider it all before you tackle a table that needs work. 
thanks Tim, that's some helpful advice!