Thorens TD 125 MK /125 mkII

Anyone know if a 125 mkII inter platter fits a 125 with the tri screw barring ?
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IIRC, all the 125 inner platters are the same and ’fit’ together. ie, a 125 inner will work on a 166, or 165,160 or 145, and so on.

I’d check on that with a second opinion,

but IIRC, they will all fit one anothers’ given bearing well. It’s the "if it ain’t broke -don’t fix it" rule of good design and engineering. If it’s a good hammer, use it to pound nails everywhere.

In the case of the 125 mk1 and mk2 question, I think they will fit together just fine.

I've owned all the variants mentioned with some overlap in their stay, but I've not played too much with swapping out their inner platters - in curiosity of what happens when it is done... But I have done some swapping of inners on the various models. Just not all at the same time.

Your question sounds common enough that you might find it posted and answered on the web somewhere, if you do a search.
Owned two TD125II’s and the shaft was different on each.

One had an encased ball bearing @ the bottom of the shaft and the other had a simple cone shaped shaft (sans a ball bearing).

Not certain which one I’m using now (not up up to pulling it apart to see).

Don’t recall what the bottom of the bearing well looked like on each and/or if the trust plate varied.

Anyway, caution is advised because of this.