Thorens td-124 or MusicHall MMF-7?

Been using the mmf7 for 4 years now and happy. I just got a Thorens td-124 gifted to me . The thorens is in great condition and I just need to take care of a tone arm hum. My question is which table will ultimately serve me better for the long haul?
I've owned both of these, currently enjoying the MM7 for four years now, and I feel that sonically the MM7 is the better of the two. I could never get the Thorens to eliminate the "haze" I heard on all my records. The MM7 does not have this property but provides a very clear, focused and natural presentation. Having said that I am using a Lyra Argo i in this table and am very happy with this combo.
A properly set up, restored Thorens is almost impossible to beat. Search the Stereophile archives and download Art Dudley's recent restoration of his personal unit. Honestly, the pace, pitch and power from the Thorens is almost unmatched. Take some time with it, you didn't mention what type of arm your using on the Thorens, but a nice 12' Ortofon, or SME would sound right to me. Patients!, you have everything to gain here.
I had Thorens with number of tweaks (which I believe to bring it to the decent level):
- Motor must be oiled and assembled to lowest noise running
- Silicon motor mushroms
- New rubber belt
- New idler wheel
- Silicon mushrooms for the motor board, or heavy plinth
- Silicon ball bearing.

If any parts fails to the level, that might be not the TT which would serve you for long (IMHO).