Thorens TD-124 MkII with a steel platter help

Hello I need help I purchased a Thorens td-124 off of eBay recently the seller said it was all original but in fact it looks like this seller or the seller before him replaced all the parts that make it a MKII. all the other parts although not correct work my issue is with the steel platter not only is it heavier but it seems to ride lower. The problem is the upper platter rubs the clutch all the time and the sub platter rubs the clutch brake only when applied. I placed the steel platter on my MKI and it works fine? I place the platter from my MKI onto the MKII and it does the same thing it rubs. I Placed an wanted ad on Audiogon for a MKII but maybe I can somehow make this work. I'm not questioning any sellers honesty it's my fault for not asking the right questions before the end of the auction and also I didn't know that the iron platters are mostly all green. Does anybody have any advice on how to make this work?
Thank you
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