Thorens Selection

Hi Friends,

Here is my problem, I own a B&O 2000 table with the awesome MMC 2 cart, I have decided to replace it with a Thorens 125MKII, I keep looking here and waiting for the right one to pop up! So since I do not not nothing about Tables, is this a good choice?? I will be using it with a Marantz 2325 Receiver and my Call Audio 2500 CD player along with the Snell EIII's Speakers.

Any feedback would be great!!!

yes..a great choice.
The TD 147 is also very good. Basically a TD 160 super with auto lift.
You might check with he rebuilds Vintage turnables and specialized in Thorens..He usually has a stock of Thorens tables ( check his list of tables waiting to be rebulit ) in house waiting to be rebuilt..This way you can have done whatever you want and Know you will have a quality table when you get it from him...
The sleeper is the TD 160 - yes, if you can find the 160 super in great condition all is good. The basic table is great - arm has issues.The motor is very impt as to the condition. You can hopefully find a table - Agon/Ebay for $ 100 - 150. Then upgrade the arm to a SME 3009 - rewire the arm if you have the skills. Redo the arm board, a factory armboard for the 3009 and can be found on Agon./Ebay. Best reference is - great Thornes site. Vinylnirvana is more of a AR site - I just bought some springs from him for a AR ES1 I am playing with - good guy!! I have done several TD 160's, current project is a TD 124 - prices at this level are somewhat pricey, but what a great table!! Have fun -
Thanks for all this great feedback--the hunt is on to find and buy one!