Thorens "Kugelarm"

Anyone know about the tonearms supplied on the Thorens TD 150 and 150AB in the mid 60's and 70's? The tonearm models were the 13 and 13A, one I believe called the Kugelarm, named for the cannonball-like appearance of the counterweight. I'd like to know if one or both of these arms are light enough on which to install a high compliance cartridge such as the Shure V15III MR or other high compliance cartridges of the era.
I had a TD150 with the Kugelarm. It is a very under rated arm and worked well with my V15VMR and V15lllhe. Just make sure that the bearings are free of debris and work smoothly and you should be very happy.

Thorens went on to supply a series of disappointing arms on the 150ll and 160 series after that.
And here I thought that a "kugel" was a pudding made of noodles or potatoes. It's true that after eating enough of it one does feel as if one swallowed a cannon ball. Maybe that's how the name was derived. Anyway, my grandmother made some wonderful kugels in her day.
Everyone is right. The arm was made out of noodles and potato. After standing for a few days kugel gets hard but can be carved. Excellent resonance rejection because its made out of a single chunk of kugel carved to the right shape. Same idea as the recent VPI made in a 3D printer.

The question is what kind of kugel makes the best arm. It's very personal, typically based on what you like best. I like a sweet noodle kugel.