thorens or Rega

I'm presently trying to decide which table to use with a Blue Point Special cartridge, the Rega 2 has a Linn Basik LVX tonearm and the Thorens is a TD160, with a floating plater and armboard, very similiar to the Linn LP12, The Thorens table seems very well built I've replaced the Matt with felt, I have a stud mounted wall shelf for stablity.
I have used the Planar 3 and the Thorens 320MkII. Much prefer the Thorens. Fuller sound, deeper bass, nice features such as auto lift at the end of records. The Planar 3 sounds lean and thin by comparison.
Why buy either? Both are mediocre for the money as tables. Plus Thorens went out of business months ago and will not be rescued. Spend a few more dollars for a real table from Michel or Basis with high quality motors and even upgrade paths for you. Or Music Hall will be introducing a new $1000 table/arm/cartridge package. Reason we don't sell rega is that they are prone to defects and we don't think they sound good for the money either.
"Audiovisionary" I see your "vision"as very biased.You're a dealer? You sell Basis and Music Hall?? You wouldnt carry Rega? Or you couldnt pick up the Rega line? Rega tables are prone to defects? Oh really? First time I ever heard that one.Rega tables actually are known to last for many years with no problems.Rega tables dont sound very good for the money? Again,first time I've heard that line also.So you are a dealer who bashes the competition.The stuff you sell is the best out there,right?? I think we have discussed "dealers" like you here before."Audiovisionary" thanks for your "vision"
The Rega 3 is a nice table.Much depends on what arm it has.Same with the Thorens.If you like the Thorens better then keep it and spend more on a better arm or cartridge.
Woops,last post was to Vivo by error.Rwillie,I would go with the Rega but try to find a RB-250 arm and have it modified.
Stay away from this particular Rega. In spite of my personal preference of the Planar 3 over the Thorens, this table had its arm transfered onto another deck and had the Linn arm stuffed on to replace it.The mounting geometries of the Rega and Linn arms is completely different and the result will be that proper cartridge alignment will be impossible with the combination. The only way that a Linn arm can be mounted to a Rega table is to insert a plug for the original mounting hole, peel away and replace the top laminate surface and re-drill.This is a questionable and difficult procedure that is not likely to have been performed.The seller either has no scruples or is completely ignorant of turntable setup.
Now back to your question- if you listen to a lot of piano or other pitch sensitive material, the Thorens is the better bet but a Rega Planar 3 is the better deck in rhythmic and expressive qualities.
As far as Audiovisionary's statement regarding quality issues with Rega,his would be an outright falsehood with Rega far superior to the Music Halls and ProJect tables in constancy and care in manufacture.
the above also applies to the Rega P2 and the P2 based NAD 533 as well as the Rega P3
Caterham1700, I've been thinking the same about the Linn Arm not being geo-metricly accurate and that what I need to do is get an RB250 with the improved wiring, then having that put in place on the Rega 2, to be honest I paid very little for the Rega and should have looked into that combination before I paid for this combination. Meanwhile I am going to go for the THorens with the BPS which I again paid very little for.....Had a R2 years ago with which ever arm came standard and a Signet cartridge sold that combo now wsihing I never had...can anyone help me get an RB250 with the new wiring? or point me in that direction? Thanks,in Advance
Get in touch of Doug Sedond about the 250.He knows about them better than most.
hi rwilli,

dunno if i know about 'em better than most, but i *do* know that i got a good deal on an origin-live modded rb250 from stoneaudio uk. i tink ewe can also buy 'em direct from origin-live. in the usa, i believe galen carol audio sells 'em. killer arm, really nice on my oracle 'table. origin-live sez it's their best arm - even better than their modified rb900. the 900 has better-quality bearings, but the more rigid bearing mounting of the 250 works better after the mods are done (according to o-l).

doug s.

THe RB 250 seems to be getting better reviews then the RB 300, especially after having it modified, I'm still trying to find an RB 250 that has been modified? the dealer I'm working with says the RB 300 bearings are better and unfortunitly he is the only Hi Fi dealer in this area and I'm thinking he feels the RB 300 is worth the X-tra $100, I'm thinking finding an RB 250 and having the modes done will result in better sound? Reply with any thoughts you might have? Sorry this post sounds redundint,
rick, see my prior post for how to get an o-l modded arm. and, like the rb900, the rb300's bearings "are" better than those in the rb250, but the structural mounting of the 250 is completely different from the other rega arms. so, the mods improve the 250 more than the other arms. this is according to o-l - ask 'em about it....

doug s.

I saw a low hour,stock RB-250 here on a-gon for $250
o-l & stoneaudio uk sell brand-gnu rb250's for 109 pounds - will still be a bit under $200, even w/shipping...

doug *cheap* sedon

Thanks guys for all your help.... I took some measurements with the Linn Basik arm that's mounted to the Rega 2 and found that from center of spindle to center of Pivot is 21.5 mm and from pivot to headshell tip is 23mm am I going to be able to use a Rega arm with the cut out that's already been made? I saw on the Origin Live site that I could get a RB 250 with the mods I want for about 357 us bucks is it worth putting that much more into it? I've got about 600 records and far prefer them to Cd's so I'm hooked on Vinyl, The cartridge is a Blue Point Special with low hours.....
for $357, yule have an arm that can hold its own w/the hairy beast, uh, i mean the wery best... ;~) when it's time to nab that ridiculously underpriced oracle mk-v for $1200, or sumptin', yule have an arm awreddy - itchin' to move in to its gnu home! :>)

re: exact dimens for the rega, ask stoneaddio-uk or o-l, they'll give ya the info ya need...

good luck, doug s.

ps - a 'table upgrade will make an even bigger difference than the arm upgrade - my going to an oracle from a highly-modded cj walker 'table (same league as the regas, imho), made a *huge* improvement, even tho the cj had a better arm than that which came w/the oracle. my cj had a sumiko premier ft-3, & the oracle came w/a grace 727...