Thorens 160 motor fix or replace?

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum so apologies if this has been addresses elsewhere. I searched and don't find anything, so....

The motor on my Thorens 160 is not working properly. The pulley has an irregular motion which leads to a faint "beating" or "knocking" sound. In another forum, someone suggested that the spindle might be bent. Could that be possible? I see there are "motor repair kits" for sale that require you to super glue a small piece to the bottom of a the motor. I'm not sure that would do anything and am afraid of super glueing anything. 

I wish I could upload a video to show. But, if anyone has any experience with either fixing a Thorens motor with this kind of issue I would appreciate any thoughts.

Alternatively, if anyone has any experience replacing a motor with something newer, I'd appreciate any info on that.



Sounds like the thrust bearing is worn, which is a common problem with old Thorens motors. See this Audiokarma thread for further advice on this issue:

Basically a thrust bearing replacement kit is required. These are available online. Hope this helps and avoids you having to purchase a new motor.

I don't have a specific answer for you, but I've always found this site helpful.

Perhaps you can find some useful info there, or at least maybe Steve Clarke (webmaster) might have some insight for you.

I would tend to agree with pesky_w. You could always upload a video to youtube and post a link. Thanks for that info hoytis.

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. Much appreciated.  I'll look into a spindle support kit. Sounds like a good/cheap option to try first.

I really liked my 160.  I currently use a Dual 1229 with a Grace 747 tonearm. The Dual motor is bullet proof.. but if you love the Thorens  look for either a donor motor or have one fitted. The motor from an LP12 could be use as an example and can be purchased new. A competent repair shop should be able to handle the retrofit easily.

The Thorens is a really nice table.  I’d keep it..