Thorens 145 MKII headshell?

Hi all,

I just purchased a Thorens 145 MKII. It needed a bit of TLC but is starting to simply amaze me. {Much better than my Pioneer PL510-A}

One thing I need is the headshell. It looks like this model didnt come with a headshell but a lever of some kind. { I need a bit of help with my terms}

I cannot find any info on this with searching here, vinyl engine, analog dept and google.

Does anyone know if an aftermarket headshell will fit, if so what would I look for.

Can I make one myself? It looks like I am just missing the lever.

It looks like an all stock table and arm.


Check they might have at least info you might need.........also you could check he specializes in Thoren Vintage rebuilds..........
You mean you don't have the part to mount the cartridge to, this is the headshell. I have one from a Thorens TD160 arm I'm no longer using. I'm willing to sell, don't have a clue about price off the top of my head. Email me if interested.
Thanks. I will check out vinyl nirvana.

Sns: Thanks for the offer but I dont think it will fit my 145 MKII. I have the longer arm connector. The part I am missing looks like a lever of some kind.

Its not a big deal, still plays fab.

If the part you are missing is on the back of the arm,Near where it pivots,I think it's The anti-skate device.There should be two small notched arms (one one either side of the armtube) facing backwards.A small weight on a line is attached to one and hangs over the other.
ery slight.check the gallery pages...the head on the mkll should be shown there.
check the gallery pages...the head on the mkll should be shown there.
Do you have TP16 MK II arm that comes with TP62 replaceable armwand?

My Thorens TD145 MKii is also with a replaceable armwand. I don't know where I can get just a headshell that fits on the wand.
Yep Ihcho thats the arm. I checked all over that site and didnt see those pics. Probably because its a 160, but thats my arm and the lever is what I need.

Thanks again!!

i guess i'm confused. i thought the wand and the headshell were 'one'
The headshell can be easily removed from the wand. At least mine does.