Thorens 145 MKII 45 rpm not working

Hey all, I looked over at Vinyl Engine on this but so far no luck.

My recently acquired Thorens works great at 33 1/3. But when I went to play a 45, it played at 33 1/3.

i had a peek at the pully and it appears to be working properly.

Anyone have a clue???

Is my motor on the fritz?

Maybe need a new belt?

Remove the mat,then the platter.At the back left next to the pulley is a lever.Turn the speed selecter switch to 45.Did the lever raise up from the plinth? Is the belt between the fingers of the lever? If the lever doesn't raise the linkage (between selecter and lever) is disconnected.
Thanks Casey33.

All of that works. No change in speed though.

Since the motor spins at the same RPM for both speeds,by design,it's not the motor.The drive pulley on top of the shaft coming out of the motor should look somewhat like an upside down bottle.The difference in circumference at top and bottom is what makes the speed change.Has someone changed this pulley?Is the belt totally floppy?
Everything looks on par. Pully looks like you describe.

I bought this table last month. Maybe the previous owner put on the wrong belt? I will get a new belt and start from there.

Thanks for your input!

Ok it looks like I have the wrong belt here. It measure 23 inches. But on a few sites I see the belt should be 20 inches.

I ordered a new belt and will post the results when it comes in.


New belt works great at both speeds!