Thorens 125 II/Denon DL-103D Question

I have a Thorens with TP 16 original arm and used a Shure V15VxMR successfully until the cartridge suspension died. I want to get a MC cartridge - DL-103D - but dont know if it will mate with the TP 16 arm. (1) Can you make suggestions for other cartridges if it will not ? (2) Who can fit the Thorens for an SME 3009 arm?
Any suggestions appreciated.
the tp 16 arm is very good, and has long been underrated...a few mm suggestions...garrott bros k1 or k2..roksan corus, denon 110, grado platinum.....lots of exceptional mm cartridges nowdays which compete with the midpriced mc's....great table!!!!
Apologies for second post! I posted the first yesterday and figured it got lost. Thanks for suggestions, Jaybo. Would really like a MC...........
high output or low?
Low if possible
well, the 103 really has no rival for a low output mc for the price. i think denon put the low price on it to keep other manufacturers honest. audio technica has a great low mc in their line up now that blasts its way in the shelterland. about $400 but competes with the high priced stuff. i recently replace 3 moving coils on 3 tables with Garrott's dynamic coil series and have had a lot of fun with my records. tone, size, weight, detail, space, but most of all a balance of all on everything from wes montgomery to the ramones. one table is a thorens 147, and it sings. good luck with your table