thorens 124 mk2 idler wheel adjustment

Hi idler fans,
I am new to the thorens and the idler wheel drive world having just found a td124 mk2. I'm wondering how the idler wheel works. My motor seems to run fine and is spinning the step pulley but the idler wheel seems to be without any spring to pull it/keep it against the step pulley. Should there be a tension spring or how do you adjust the wheel to contact the pulley (and the platter)? The platter spins smoothly by hand. I have looked at the analogdept site and the service manual but have not figured this out.
Any help would be appreciated,
I've been wrong in the past,but I can't imagine that it doesn't have a tension spring.Are you able to check it from underneath with the platter on,and engaged in the play mode,unplugged from power for safety?The reason I'm asking this way is,the idler assembly maybe sticking in the extreme engaged to play limits with the platter off.The manual (factory) supplied by Vinyl engine is vague.If they didn't have one(spring),there would be to much of a chance of the idler tire shrinking,causing slippage in my opinion.
There is mention of an idler spring when you Google it.Pic from the net.[]