Thorens 124 a little noisy

I have a very early model Thorens 124 that's been rebuilt and it's not silent. Apparently the early style step pulley, even though it's bearing has been rebuilt, is just badly designed and this is what you get (they were re-engineered shortly after my serial number.) My question is: does turntable noise get passed through to the speakers as a rule? Or should I stop worrying and just enjoy the music?
If idler pulley is noisy, than the vibrations are transferred to platter obviously and than to the speakers.
The rebuilt TD124 should not be noisy at any point.

Thanks for that explanation. I've talked to a few rebuilders now and it's sort of the dirty little secret: the very early ones had a poorly designed brass bearing on the step pulley which Thorens quickly redesigned. They aren't retrofittable. I had a new bearing machined and the problem is still there (:
Are you saying about motor pulley or idler pulley?

The step pulley that changes the speed. Both my motor pulley and idle are totally silent. I did some research this morning and I see that Schopper says they have a solution but it had to be part of a total rebuild. Lord.