Any thoughts about Thorens TD 160 as far as upgrades and refurbishments to this unit. I was just given this turntable and everything is original and it works & seems to sound decent I compared it too my music hall mmf 5.1 . The sound quality wasn't much different between the two turntables except the music hall was a bit brighter aside from that, I'm using a Emotive XPS-1 preamp for both turntable tryouts. The cartridge on the Thorens is audio technica AT13Ea and the Music Hall has the Magic 3 that came with the unit which is made by Ortofon.
If the sound of it stock was comparable to your MH, well, then you will be happy with what modding this little gem can do. The first mod would be to replace the arm with a Rega. Second would be to damp the chassis and the third would be to replace the plinth.

The rest is much smaller and some just cosmetic but fun, never the less.

Or as some would suggest, keep it the way it is and enjoy it. I really enjoyed modding mine and creating a totally great table, to just a surprisingly good table.

I have been going back and forth as to keeping it original or moving ahead with some modifications similar to what you have mentioned raymonda. I think I would like to first make sure the original components are functioning proper and go from there. The dust cover is looking like a replacement item along with the signal cables those are easy enough items to take care of. I have noticed that people have done work on new base footings to the plinth and new spring replacements for the chassis. A lot of people I notice replace the tone arm with Rega or SME tone arms also Plinths are big replacement item. I should probably keep it simple at first and continue my listening experience with both my Music Hall and the Thorens TD 160 and make moves one item at a time. Thank You Raymonda for the ideas I'm looking forward to using this unit.
If you go with a Rega arm instead of a 3009,you'll have more options with cartridges.

That is something I didn't weigh in on yet and it is nice to have options especially if you have preferences when it comes to cartridges or want to examine different cartridges. A friend of mine who got me back into vinyl has been shooting me recommendations He mentioned Jelco Sa-750D tone arm .
The jelco is a great arm and will work wonderfully. It will also have a bit of a retro look to it, too.