Thor websight

Is Thor still in business? Did a search but unable to get a sight that takes me to a high end company. Not even the sight on the industry directory goes any where. Hope someone knows the company well enough to settle my curiosity.Knowing a number of company's are struggling hope that's not the case with Thor. If there is a web sight that works please post it. Thanks.
I think they may have been absorbed by Nordost or Isotek.
They worked very closely with both companies before closing.
You may want to inquire at one of them.
Thanks for the info. Anybody know of anyone that modifies Audio Research components? Steve Huntley of Great Northern Sound went out of business a couple years ago. Sorry to see such dedicated company's going out of business.
If anyone has Thor Audio questions they can contact one of the two owners, Ted Lindblad or Jordan Hill.

phone 508-446-7103

Thor went out of business and an individual bought the remaining stock and the rights to the name and continues to offer upgrades to the equipment. He intends (intended?) to continue to offer the line in some form or another but I never saw any new equipment. He has occasionally posted an item or two for sale here as well. As previously mentioned, check out He is now located in Texas (was in MA).