Thor- TPA-150- any thoughts

Not much talk here about Thor amps- Does anyone have any experience with these amps and thoughts on there sound- (fast or slow etc)-only looking at the 150 not the smaller amps-K
Their Pre-amp is one of the top 3 in the world but their amps are very weak. They are distant sounding and compressed and won't drive hardly anything. I can't call them slow as much as lacking in any dynamic contrast. If you play Metallica on them they sound like a string quartet. That might be good....
you are hearing impaired..have an axe to grind...if anything thor amps are lively and dynamic..shocker for tube amps
I had both the Thor preamp and TPA-30 amps. Holy cow! They were expensive but were amazing sounding gear. Full, 3D, sweet, powerful, huge soundstage, and almost perfect balance. I only sold them to go up the line but the company changed hands and I got nervous. As long as you have access to repair facilities should problems arise, you'll love the sound.