Thor ta-1000 pre cap replacement -- advice

I am a new owner of a Thor TA-1000 preamp. What a fantastic piece of equipment. In my system it has a bit of a hard, tinny treble... just a bit. I want to try replacing caps with something warmer and wondered which caps should i replace? I see two small Hovland Musicaps and two small Multicaps. Then "beneath" the board (looking from the bottom of the unit here).... there are four big black caps... Solens i think. Which caps might be the place to start in order to warm the treble?

Before anyone asks, yes i am certain the treble issue stems from the thor. I have played w cables and tubes and will continue to do so but it needs something a bit more dramatic. I am willing to lose some detail to get rid of the issue.

Rest of system: sota star sapphire, grado reference sonata1, cec transport, audio note 3.1 sig dac, vtl mb-185 sig monoblocks, quad esl-63, vandersteen 2wq subs.

Thanks for thoughts!
Correction... the big caps below the board are actually the electrolytics and I think they are Panasonic. So I'm focused on the Hovlands and Multicaps. Does anyone know which ones are the output caps?
I had all of my TA-1000 capacitors replaced with Vcaps.  Expensive but definitely worth it.  Be forewarned that they will require something like 200 hours of use before they sound their best.  I can send photos if you can figure out how to get your email address to me.

I replaced two more caps, beyond the coupling caps with audio note mylar copper caps. Still breaking in and making tube and cable changes too so I may never be able to.attribute changes to the caps. But things are heading a good direction. Thanks for the input.
augwest - what sonic changes did the capacitor change bring to the T-1000? I’m an original owner T-1000 (upgraded to MkII by Paul Marks) and wondering what my options are for possible sonic improvements.
Sorry your response ended up in my Gmail "promotions" folder. I thought the cap change to audionotes was all upside. I hoped to get rid of some hardness in the treble and it did. But it also added more body and dimension across the spectrum, and I feel like I heard more resolution in the treble bit less. More listenable and less fatiguing, but no loss of information. If anything, the opposite. More organic.

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