Thor TA-1000 MK 2 pre and Aleph amps Os, 2, 5

I currently have an all tube system (Thor Audio TA-1000 Mk 2, Canary 140 tube monoblocks, Thor Audio TA-2000 phono stage, etc) but have always wanted to try a class A solid state amp for something different. I have heard the Aleph amps can be a challenge with some preamps. The Thor specs are: Input impedanace 250K ohms, Output impedance 400 ohms, gain 20db, S/N ratio -90.8db. Thats about all the specs on the Thor that I have in the owner's manual.

Any thoughts on whether the Alephs would play well with the Thor??? Or other thoughts on something I should try in solid state (had a Plinius SA-100 mk 2 once and loved it, but that was quite a while ago).

My speakers are fairly sensitive (Von Schweikert Research VR-6's) so the 30-50 watts on the Alephs shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks in advance for all the help!
Not sure it helps but I have used ( years ago ) S/300 series Threshold ( Nelson Pass ) amps with Thor TA1000mk2 and they worked fine..I eventually went to Thor Audio tube Monos ,but I would think the Pass labs line of SS amps would be awesome.......
I assume that you are in the Chicagoland area (Naperville.) I have a friend that would interested in your Thor linestage if you decide to go away from it. We are both in Chicago. Bob
Hi Bob,
I used to live in Naperville but moved to Tinley Park a few years ago (but still in the greater Chicagoland area). I really like the Thor linestage, probably the one component that has not changed in the last 6 years or so, but if I do decide to sell, I'll keep you in mind.