Thor TA-1000 - inerverting or non-inverting absolute phase?

Does anyone know for certain if a Thor TA-1000 preamp inverts absolute phase? I think the answer is "no" but wanted to confirm.


No it does not. Great preamp!
Upgrade the coupling caps and really hear this baby sing.  
Thanks very much!

I upgraded the two main caps to audionote mylar in copper and it made a huge difference. Treble is less hard than with the hovlands and added resolution and texture from top to bottom. Wondering how much effect if I change the other two caps?

Good for you! Yes upgrade those also!  I think that is a great sounding pre for reasonable cost used. 
Who did the Upgrade? I have a Mk 2.
I bought the caps myself and had my local tech swap them out. Not too difficult for him. The second set of caps is even easier to change because it does not have other components attached on the opposite side of the board, which was the case with the main caps.

I am waiting for some new amps and after I hear what those do I may go ahead and change the other two caps.

I heard once that the mkii ta-1000 is warmer sounding than the mki. Doyle know if that is true? 

I love the Thor. Sound is amazing and dynamic, and it is incredibly quiet. 
Mine never had any hint of brightness which is why I never had an inclination to upgrade.  
Yes, the Thor is a true gem.  I would never part with mine
Another big Thor TA-1000 fan here. I’ve had mine for about four years now. All of my caps were upgraded to Vcaps and I have the Khozmo shunt attenuator volume control. It’s in a system with Atma-Sphere OTL amp, McCormack UDP Deluxe disc player, and Merlin Black Magic TSM speakers. Seems to balance out the OTL amp with a little added dynamics as opposed to other preamps I’ve tried, without compromising any detail or resolution. Magic indeed!

Good preamps are hard to find. This one is truly outstanding. My Joule Electra LA-150 was euphonic (colored), veiled and slow in comparison.

Cool. I just bought a vac Renaissance 30/30 amp and may replace more caps in the Thor to soften the treble a tad. The Thor is so bulletproof, quiet and great sounding. Hard to imagine replacing it.