Thor amp

like feedback on a Thor 30 watt mono amps in a current home system. I am considering this peice,and would like some feedback,good and bad.
I am one of the few Thor Audio dealers in the country, so, while I am certainly biased for the unit, few people have more experience with the Thor TPA-30 amplifiers than I do. I will try to be as objective as possible here. First the Thor TPA-30 is very dynamic. As a high current amp, it delivers excellent speed and attack. It handles complex music easily without confusion or loss of information. Soundstage is deep, well layered and highly detailed. It retains the beauty and imaging of the best tube amps while presenting an extremely neutral rendering of the recordings. It works well with a large range of loudspeakers and can handle 2 ohm loads without difficulty. Backgrounds are black and dead quiet. The new black and gold units are also drop-dead gorgeous. If you would like literature or more information, don't hesitate to contact me. Brian St. Cecilia Sound Gallery Hayward, CA (510) 732-1204
I heard them driving Pipedreams.....fantastic!!!!!!!! Holm Audio....Chicago