Thom Yorke's new CD

I can't believe I'm beating Wrtickle and The Kid to the punch but has anybody bought this CD yet? I picked it up today. It sounds like older stuff from Kid A, a few tunes stick out as being well done..."Analyse" "Black Swan" and I personally think "Atom's for Peace" are the best tracks. Atom's for Peace is a dead ringer for a Radiohead Kid-A tune. The actual sound quality of the disc is quite impressive as well.
Nigel Godrich was instrumental (pun intended) in the sound of this album. It should sound great. I preordered it but no delivery today, hopefully tomorrow.

The samples I've heard sound quite Amnesiac-like. Allmusic loved it.
I think this album is actually really really good.
I really like the title track and Harrowdown Hill.

Whilst electronic based it's actually surprisingly tuneful and melodic and more commercial than many of the tracks that Radiohead have done in the Electronica style.
Only one track Skip Divided seems overtly obtuse.

It also benefits from a coherent style whereas the Radiohead albums can have a clash of styles that can be difficult.

I think this will easily be in my top five for the year.
A very pleasant surprise.
Good to hear it lives up to Radiohead's previous work. I'll have to pick up a copy. Amazon has it for $9.99 currently. I rarely get to see music videos but among those I have seen one of theirs is of the most memorable (the song, "Just", from The Bends).

Howard (Boa2) turned me on to another recent release I've been enjoying: Grant-Lee Phillips, "Nineteeneighties", which consists of some great covers from that decade, largely toned down from their original productions.

My copy on LP is due this week.
HarrowDown Hill is really growing on me Ben.
I just picked up my LP today from Tower Records. Put it on for casual check and indeed it is coherently great music. I also plan to get a CD, which is $9.99 at Tower. Thom York's voice makes it all more than worthwhile.