This year at RMAF: ....and now for something completely.....Affordable

Would love to check this out. Maybe others going who seek good sound on a limited budget will and report back here on how it goes.

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I'd love to hear experience of any Agoners at rmaf that visited the room above.  Did you hear the Ohm 3000s?
I am wondering the same the same thing. So far, only 1 comment in the speaker section regarding Z's room. Look for the thread titled RMAF 2019! They apparently loved it but didn't go into to much detail as to what gear they enjoyed the most, just that they loved Z...but we all love Z, lol
I can’t say that I love Z, but would have liked to have been there to hear the setups in his room, most notably, the Ohm 3000’s. Nice to see them at RMAF, and hopefully it will bring Ohm some business, as well as make some music lovers happy! 
Hey Frazeur.  Here is a recently published recap.

Too bad Ohm speakers did not tell anyone at the RMAF information - registration office what room they were in. I went there to find what room they were in and RMAF officials had no information.
Did not get to hear them!
David Pritchard
Thanks Map, I did read that wrap up, hopefully there will also be more folks commenting on them in due time. I was glad that at least the Ohms were there and got some play time. Nice to see that, especially at its price point-and really, not even for that, just how good they really are, period! 

Sorry to hear that. You’d think especially with a penthouse rental and all the show would know whats going on in that room.