This website has become S-L-O-W

I don't know where else to post this problem (where the heck are the moderators hiding anyway?) but this website has become extremely slow and balky. When I click on a discussion topic, it takes takes long enough for the posts to appear to prompt my Windows (the latest iteration) for it to give me a dialogue box that says it ain't their problem. None of the other discussion groups I frequent does this.  Does anybody else have this problem? Can anybody else tell me how to get hold of the folks who might be able to help?
I have seen it as well.   Perhaps the most recent Windows update had something to do with it as I just did the update and my CAD package seems to run slower.   Then again, this is the only website that is slow on my machine.
Yup, Chrome was loading ads and slowing down the works. I switched back to Edge. 
Have you performed any maintenance on your browser? It may help to clear any browsing and history data. It, also, helps to have an Ad Blocker.
What's bugging me is when you're looking at equipment listings in the "New Today" section. You click on something interesting, review the information the click on the "previous page" arrow to go back. The problem is it will start you from the beginning instead of the item you clicked on. You then have to re-scroll back down. PITA
the site has been running really slow lately and was going to send an email to them but figured i would get the typical reply from them.....which is it’s not important to fix or nobody else has said anything.

I am always told that the developers always have something else more important to do.
Seems OK here with Safari/Apple.  

I'm in the LA area, but seem to be linking through a server in Tustin, CA.

Wonder if it's a regional thing?

I use Edge on windows 10. I use Malwarebytes premium (lifetime license) and for the first time decided to try the free Malwarebytes Browser Guard that comes with it. It blocks ads/trackers, malware, scams and PUPs. I imagine there are multiple free adblockers that do all the same.

All I can say is that my computer has speeded up loading stuff by about 5 times compared to before, including Audiogon.
It's the ads. I use Adblocker Plus and this page, right this second, has 309 ads that are being blocked. 309. Remove the blocker and the page takes forever to load.
AdBlocker Plus works well.  And an easy alternative is to just use the Brave browser.  It's basically a cleaner and faster shell over Chrome that handles tracking and ad blocking.  It's free, fast, and highly recommended.  We use it for a program I volunteer at that provides computers for underserved kids, etc. - it was recommended by multiple organizations and it has worked well.  Given all that - I'm using Brave and haven't seen any such delays (but it's definitely doing some tracking and ad blocking and gives you counts per page).

I thought it was me.  I have been having problems for a week in connecting to Audiogon main site and both classifieds and forums.  I have a windows 10 computer plus iPad and iPhone and they are all slow.  Every other site is very fast.  
stereo5 -- you and me are in the same boat. And I continue to wonder.  Are there any moderators on this site?  Folks in control? Or is it a high-end ghost ship?
... I continue to wonder. Are there any moderators on this site? Folks in control? ...
The moderating team here is very responsive. Use the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.

I haven't had any issues with the Audiogon site loading. Win 10, usually Firefox.
I had the problem only for a short time the problem has seemed to go away .
I also have had this problem. Been blaming it on my 10 year old Macbook pro. And my internet connection. My chrome browser can't be updated on this computer.  Probably part of the problem. Maybe also need to dump cookies.

Honestly, what the heck do I know regarding. Does teach patience though. Have learned, now would like to move on!
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The site is still slow to this day.  I complained 3 times and 3 times I heard from Tammy telling me the usual, clear the browsers cache, yada yada yada.  Same old, same old.  I use Ad Blocker and still the site loads slow. The forums are fine, but the initial connecting to Audiogon sometimes infuriates me and looking at the for sales ads is even more infuriating.  I no longer read the ads on for sale items😥

Audiogon Sales Section has been EXREMELY slow past year or so IME.  Quickly looked up on Ad Block Plus, and there is 1800 items blocked on the Sales page.  All this blocking ABP/Chrome needs to do must be contributing to the slow speed.

Must be location / country related , expat here living in Vietnam I have no issues what so ever .