This time the "HYPE" is true: Monk/Coltrane CD.

I will assume that you jazz lovers have been reading about the recently discovered tapes of the 1957 Carnegie Hall concert by Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane that was released on 9/27 by Blue Note records. Well, this time all the HYPE is true! The sonics are quite good for a live concert and Monk got to finally play on a world class piano. Oh, but the beauty of the music. I believe this might be the best recorded performance of Coltrane and Monk was extra special that night in his comping and overall playing. Let's not forget the rhythm section of Ahmed Abul-Malik on bass and Shadow Wilson on drums that drives Coltrane and Monk on their flights of soaring solo's filled with soul and emotionality. If you love jazz this is one CD you want to get as soon as you can and bask in the glory of this music by these two giants of jazz that no one knew had ever been recorded.
I am really interested in this CD, but had not heard about it. I am more curious about where you read/listen to keep up on things like this.

I use Amazon and Tower Records - Upcoming Releases sections. Sometimes samples are available. If I see something that catches my attention I usually go to the artists web site, most have them. If not the record label always has a web site. You might not always get to listen before release but you get the Hype.
Both Stereophile and JazzTimes has articles regarding this recording.
It will also be available on Mosaic Vinyl in November.
just ordered it, thanks much for the tip.

BTW, I HIGHLY recommend becoming an amazon "prime" member. For a managable yearly fee, you get premium 2-day shipping *at no additional cost*, on every single order, no matter how large or small. So for example you run into this tip on a new CD, you just order it and have within 2 days, no need to group more orders or whatever to get 'free' shipping (which normally takes over 5-7 businesss days).
JazzTimes' article re this recording is very illuminating. Check it out.
Teajay, I ordered the CD, thanks for the tip.
Thanks Teajay, Great thread, This recording has got to be the find of our modern times. For those of you who may not know this tape was found by Larry Appelbaum a Library of Congress archivist during a digitizing of old Voice of America Broadcast tapes. It was just in with some of the other boxes. Thanks Upstateaudio, Ummmm! vinyl. That was my next question. Cheers to Monk and Coltrane!
Nice CD for the 1st of October - Internacional Music Day.
Just listened to the Mosaic vinyl of this grand pairing. Wow, that was sure satisfying. I would agree that "Well, this time all the HYPE is true!" Glad they rescued this one from the dust bunny lateen shelves of our archives. Happy Listening!
Oh, how I wish I had been alive to have witnessed this live! There is music making on this disc that is supernatural. I've seldom heard Monk more deftly lyrical. Coltrane's ferocity has almost never been as tempered by intellect. Abdul-Malik defines a deep pocket in music that is sometimes insanely difficult. Shadow Wilson can be dazzlingly explosive and contemplative in the same four measures (perhaps the biggest surprise for me). I haven't listened as much to a single recording since I was 17, and that was a looooong time ago.