this should open the floodgates: BEST home theater

I'm an architect that has been contracted to design a world-class home theater (for a cost-no-object client).. the room is roughly 20'x32'.
As an audio enthusiast, I have some ideas about speakers and amplification...
But this note is for the videophiles out there.
I was just at CES and thought Faroudja was the hands-down winner on projection..(perhaps I'm wrong),
but I need some thoughts on processors and video front end...
Any ideas would be very welcome... thanks.
also get yourself over to

Lots of discussion there.
If the goal is to acheive the highest quality video, a 9 inch CRT projector such as the Sony VPH-G90 with a Faroudja DVP5000 processor will give you stellar results on an 8 foot wide or less screen. If size matters more than quality, a digital projector is the answer. is where you will all the projector info you want
I must laugh at this one!
Even though, with all due respect, you are an architect(presumably by trade) as you are stating, asking for some input from people on an audio forum website will not get you the information you need to give your client anything remotely approaching WORLD CLASS HOME THEATER!...sorry to be the one to break it to you dude. (AND CERTAINLY NO OFFENSE OR IMPLICATION OF THE KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, OR QUALITY PERTAINING TO ANYONE POSTING HERE OR SIMILAR!)
I say that not as being snooty, arrogant, or confrontational, not at all! I say that as someone who's been an exotic custom home theater designer, die-hard audiophile, consumate audio/video tweek and hobbiest, high end AV salesman, acoustical engineer, and just plain been around this stuff since AV began!!!
Basically, you can't put it all together in any kind of timely manner to possibly get your man the goods here..if you do sincerely value his money, time, experience, and results that is!
What it respectfully sounds like you're asking, is akin to asking a few people who've seen a transmission out of a car for information on how to build one yourself! I think you're expectations might be a bit lofty! And that's not insulting anyone here. And maybe my analogy is a bit off, but I think you get the picture.
My advice is to consult proffesionals who actually know what it takes to design/engineer/build/install/calibrate/oversee a competent project such as your suggesting, and contract the work out!...or at the very least strongly consider consulting extensively! Just makes plain sense to me.
You simply will not be able to accertain and obsorb all that is necessary here. It takes years, dedication, knowlede, experience, and commitment to excellence to get what you're asking.
May I strongly suggest your clients interests here over a monetary opportunity to "make the most of it going at it alone!"...not the best situation I think. I'm sure you're client would agree.
Thought I needed to add to my dissertation...
Even though you only requested some input on some video gear and such, the whole thing just sounded a bit off when you came off the way you did. Seriously. I hope you consult some professional assitance and advice on this one. Getting the gear right isn't even 1/3 of the battle!(in case you think otherwise, simply read Stereophile guide to Home Theater's 3 year running article entittled "Home theater ARchitect, from 98-2001! In which, World Renound Custom theater designer Russ Herschelmann discusses the massive changes he needed to make to a clients $300K ht system, that was done by supposed professionals!
Getting the right gear isn't going to even remotely get world class in and of itself...
Nevertheless, in response to your inquiry about Video processors/front end, etc, there really needs to be more info regarding the entire scenario/room layout/design/customers needs and desires, budget, etc! many seats, how close they are sitting to where the screen is, source material(just incase), sound system installation application(i.e, speaker set up in front for one), just to name some!
Fill in some more details and I wouldn't mind giving some options to you.
VideoGon should have their own discussion board
I would agree and had the thought come before reading Exertfluffer's post. If cost is no object use a respected HT design only person to assist you. You have a great opportunity to work with a professional in the HT field and learn directly from them while a client foots the bill. Color me green with envy!
My, my !!
Well, I have to say, in my "defense", my posting was a bit of a red herring...
Of course I'm in consultation with both an acoustic engineer and an HT designer...
Architecture can be a rewarding life, but success in this field is frequently oversimplified by other professionals. Good buildings are not solely the result of the "look" of the work. Much of an architect's job is to marry a set of disparate items into a cohesive whole. I have quite a bit of experience running up against new things that I don't quite understand. I love that part of my work. But for that reason, I also realize I can't succeed without knowledge of my limitations..
What I INTENDED to get from my post (apparently wrongly worded (my apologies)) was a thoughtful discussion on the merits (and experience) of my fellow audiogon "posters".
As an architect, it's my job to listen to the "chaos" and order it in a way that is, hopefully, inspiring.. THAT process is not limited to simply aesthetics.. it's the "whole package".. 'thing is: I only have the time to listen to a handful of professionals...and their advice is (I have to say) occasionally biased in their favor.. occasionally... so I went looking to a group that I knew would not feel the need to self-serve.

Note to "Exertfluffer": I actually appreciate your candor and passion for the field... but, worry not. This is part of MY "process"... I had hoped to hear "stories" of past experience with particular systems... and more importantly, begin to hear patterns in the reviews.. why people prefer "this" speaker over "that", etc.. 'compare that to what I was being advised by the HT and acoustic engineer..

Lastly, I'll apologize for my rather blunt posting.. I was in a bit of a hurry and didn't think.. My writing didn't show the seriousness with which I view my work --on this, or any, project...

Cheers !