This on usb cables

I have simplified my system to

Intel nuc running Roon Rock
All CD's on nas drive
Benchmark dac connected to nuc via usb. 

The benchmark came with a USB cable that I am using,  I am looking for comments on usb cables that might improve sound quality.   I am happy with what I have and have only seen the $500 usb cables as an alternative which I think is too high for what I have.   

Do you have any opinions? 
Most of new gear uses asynchronous USB, meaning that the timing (clock) of USB transfers and clock of internal D/A conversion are independent.  Because of that cable should not affect the sound but often it does, because it picks up noise and injects it into the DAC, affecting timing of D/A conversion (jitter=noise).  I would chose well shielded cable without power wires, if your DAC doesn't need it.  Some expensive, exotic USB cables will sound better if you believe they should - nothing wrong with it, if it helps  :)
Do you have any opinions?

There is no shortage of opinion. : )  Is that what you are 'really' looking for, Opinion?  You also qualify on price, despite stating that you are "happy with what [you] have...."

Read up on the various USB threads. Compare different USB cables and at various price points (your system, your ears). Decide for yourself.
Some expensive, exotic USB cables will sound better if you believe they should

["Some"] implies other expensive, exotic USB cables WILL sound better despite belief???  : )
Read: some that you believe should sound better will indeed sound better. 
Again, that [that's] 'some' problem. : ) 
No it is not.  He might believe that "some" expensive cables would sound better, but would not necessarily believe that all expensive cables would sound better.  Logic is a tricky thing.  ;)

It is. Especially when one leads with a belief system and simultaneously speaks of / for another's future experience. 
@kuttler  Borrow some USB cables from your friends or dealers or the lending library that The Cable Co. offers. Conduct the comparisons for yourself. There are a number of strong performers out the various threads to lock into one or more. 
Just yesterday I replaced the stock cable with an AQ Carbon 3 meter to connect my 10TB external hard drive to my Cambridge 851N network player. I was mainly motivated by the need for a longer cable, but I’d been surprised in the past so I thought I’d try a (relatively mild) upgrade. Instant improvement in sound—better sound stage, better clarity, maybe a little better bass. Not night and day, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The Cambridge goes through a Marantz AV8802a to Bel Canto ref 500Ms to Dali Mentor 6s. Nordost and Morrow cables. So my mid-fi system detects a change USB cables, go figure.
Thanks for your opinions.  
Did not know about the lending library, sounds like a great idea.   I live in a remote location in NY so there are no shops I can go to for a listen.   
I was wondering about the usb interface coming from the intel nuc as well,  thinking the quality of that interface may prevent qualitative improvements.   
Read/understand the fine print when borrowing from the lending library at the Cable Co.  They don't let you borrow cables for nothing - usually means that you end up buying cable from them at full retail price. Research + used cables seems like a better idea to me.