This multi amp active system will work? take a look at my plan, thanks.


Thinking about in put this  multi amp active system together, take a look...

Source: vinyl


Power Amps:
Two 3 channel amps

Active crossover:
Analog 3 way:
better pics here:

Speakers drivers
Compression horn driver: 
Radial horn: 
Super tweeter:

Enclosure for woofer:

Let me anything more that I must consider about this components choices, if there's a mismatch or something...

Many thanks.

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You are in the wrong forum. Go to

But in general, you are jumping into an area you have no experience with and trying to design something complicated for your first try.

You not only need technology and Google, but you need experience.

it's not me that will build the speakers.

thanks for the forum recommendation.