This might be the Passive Preamp im looking for

Hard to find passive preamps with the amount of inputs AND a Remote of that allows FULL control of all amp features. This Channel Islands seems to fit the bill. 

Anyone own one?
Worth a try .

i reached out to you regarding a passive preamp and thought it might be something you might be interested in but never got a reply.
For the same price, you may want to look into a Tortuga Audio LDR based passive pre-amp, especially if you tend to listen a lot at lower output levels. The one you mentioned uses a very simple Alps Blue Velvet attenuator, which has been around for a very long time. 
Regarding the Tortuga discussed by bigshutterbug, you can try one of the Tortuga Audio passives using their 30 day audition policy.  

Tortuga Audio also offers a preamp buffer that I auditioned through their equipment "tour" that is dicussed at their site on AudioCircle;  
In my system, the buffer added body and drive to my Goldpoint passive, without any significant sonic penalty.  The Goldpoint is a backup unit I own that offers clarity but doesn't really measure up to my main preamp, which is an SMc Audio unity gain buffered unit (like the SMc VRE-1), basically a passive preamp with a buffer circuit.   Adding the Tortuga buffer to the Goldpoint allowed it to perform much closer to my SMc preamp.  The buffer circuit improves the interface with the amplifier so that longer interconnects can be driven without penalty and that also IMO removes the drawbacks typically associated with passives, including loss of body and drive.  Since their buffer is a stand-alone unit, you can always add it later, to whichever passive you decide to purchase.
for passive I'd recommend checking out Hattor audio, they have a full feature remote too and nice resister ladder volume control
This might be the Passive Preamp im looking for

The best sound/value passive at the moment is the Schiit Sys at $49 with 30 day trial period.

And if you need one with selectable on the fly tube, solid state or passive output configuration, their Freya model is great value as it has 3 inputs 128 position relay volume control balance or se output and inputs all with remote control

Cheers George
Ed Shillings Hornshoppe Truth Preamp is a very good choice also. Ed will make it any way you want with mutiple inputs and remote control. I own one and like what it does and doesn’t do. Arthue Salvatore did a very favorable write up on it a while back.
For some reason I cant post a link search Arthur Salvatore Truth Preamp and go to his site