This may be the duh of all time

My brother recently had his rear projector worked on and while into the unit the tech told him to clean the CRT's about every 6 to 8 months. His was so dirty he said the wow factor was amazing after cleaning. Sooo I pulled my 4 year old Pioneer Elite out and cleaned the CRT's and yes the beautiful detailed picture I remembered when I bought the unit returned. It just never crossed my mind. Try it!!

Don't forget the mirror and the screen also.
Yup, sometimes the obvious, well...isn't.

Once or twice a year the sun will hit my TV just right so that I can see an inch of dust caked on the screen. After cleaning it off it's as if the brightness, contrast and saturation have been kicked up six or seven notches. Plus the plastic TV housing case looks fresh and new again.
Great title for a thread! I'd never thought about cleaning the CRT. I do, usually, remember to remove my sunglasses ;-)
Hahhh, that's funny!