This may be a silly question but...

Has anyone ever tried using standard household electrical wire for speaker wire? After reading about the Anit-Cables...sold copper wire, minimum installation...isn't that the same type of theory but with a lot thicker wire?
Sorry, I was running some new wiring last night and it got me thinking.
Standard household electrical wire was used for ages before audiophile grade speaker wire was marketed by Monster. Generally called zip cord, it will work. Sonic quality is another story. Recently one of the audio mags recommended Home Depot orange and black colored heavy duty extension cord as a good alternative.
I'm guessing you're trying to compare Romex to the Anti-Cables? The Anti-Cables are made of OHNO Constant Cast, Oxygen Free Copper(one single, very long/very pure crystal), and covered with a very thin insulator(virtually eliminating dielectric absorption). Romex/house wiring utilizes some of the cheapest copper(multiplied thousands of oxygen/corrosion laden crystals per inch) available, and has very thick, very inferior insulation. Not even comparable.
Ncarv...Standard house wire is NOT zip cord. Zip cord is lamp wire, usually 18 gauge or 16 gauge "stranded" wire.

ROMEX is house wire which is usually 10 to 14 gauge "solid" core wire that is MASSED produced to really no tolerance at all. Just like Rodman above describes.
Paul Klipsch supposedly used to say that lamp cord was good enough.....
So does OFC have sonic benefits or is it just the least resistance that makes it better?
Loving the history here - let's not forget that McIntosh for years said that zip was all that was required...

Since Rsjb poses a sincere question which has bedeviled us all, IMHO audio is a game of inches. It is also highly cumulative - the better each part is, the better the sum should/will be. This is of course the elusive synergy.

Put it this way: if you can get Romex to stay on your binding posts its probably worth a try...
I made some speaker wire a few springs ago, just as a project. I used 10ga wire, typically used for dryer cable, and made biwire cables. I though they sounded better than my blue heavens (perhaps fathers love?)...however they were later replaced by some fine MIT's...
It's funny you should bring that subject up but a friend and I tried some Vampire Wire 10 gauge hook up wire and we both canned our expensive speaker wire. This is the Continious Cast Copper wire that comes in two colors black and red. Michael Percy and a couple other places had it in stock but I should have purchased more of this. Vampire Wire still stocks the 18 gauge wire but the 10 gauge is pretty good wire and may breath new life in your system. At least it embarrased the expensive silver wire I was using. It may not do this in all systems. And the cost is under $3.00 a foot on last check.
I've actually used the standard household electrical wire you're asking about. This was several system iterations back but the upstream gear was still decent: an LP12 Valhalla with SME IIIs and Shure V15-VMR was the source. Had no money for better cables so used 12 ga house wire. Sound was OK in the bass, gritty in the highs and hard in the mids. I moved with some relief to something else which had better highs but less bass, then upgraded again when I could.
Some even cheaper wire which appears very similar is Magnet wire. Surplus Sales of Nebraska has it for about 60 cents a foot.