this'll work, right?

barring any odd incompatablility issues, i'm gonna use analog interconnect from dvd player to integrated amp and composite cable from dvd to lcd tv. using this set-up for both music and movies. thanks guys. oh, and subwoofer out on a dvd player, do you need to, or should use it? i was going to run it speaker level from amp. thnaks again.
It should work, no problem. When you use the analog outputs from the DVD player, you will want to make sure that you set up the DVD player to output a stereo signal, not DD5.1 output. I think this is generally done in the menu for the individual DVD that you are playing.

Are you forced to use composite for video? General opinion is that s-video or component output has better picture quality.

About the subwoofer: Keep it simple and leave it connected via the speaker level output from your amp, especially if this is how you are using it now. Since you are going to be 2-channel only, no need to worry about bass management and all of its potential complications.


thanks a ton. thats perfect. could you explain composite/component? i thought composite was a single yellow(video cable) and component was all three y/b/r in one cable. i bought composite and interconnects separately so each can focus on its own job and be better at it. thnaks, dylan.
scratch my response, i should've done my homework better. i thought what i knew waas it. i do beleive component cable separates the three colors red blue and green into three cables and composite is all in one, correct?