This is what I already have

Guys, I thank all of you for the answers you gave me in my other two threads. I am looking for a better sound with my limited budget and want some ideas.
What I already have are Paradigm Studio 100 V2 speakers, Monitor Audio Silver S2 bookshelves and B&W DM 602 s2 large bookshelves. CD player is an NAD C-521 and my amplifiers are vintage Sansui AU-517, and G-5700 Receiver. Cables are Straight Wire. I also have a Monster Cable power supply with 3 step filter. I have owned some NAD and Rotel amplifiers that were sold because the old Sansui sound better, IMO. The reason because I keep those Sansui is because I haven't found anything in the entry level range that sound better than those Sansui. I use the Studio 100 for HT with a Yamaha Receiver. So, My two channel system is the Sansui 517, Nad 521, and the Monitor Audio Silver S2. For some reason, I don't find the B&W DM 602 S2 sound good with the Sansui old amplifiers.So, I want to create another system where I can enjoy the B&W. I will need another CD player, Pre/Power , or an integrated. I am thinking in tube gears for the amplification because I can not afford ultra hi-end gear and I know the entry level stuff won't match the quality of those Sansui amplifiers. I don't know what was the Sansui's secret but those made from 1970/80 are probably the best japanese stuff I have ever heard. Better than Luxman, Pioneer, Marantz, etc. There was a time where rich japanese people drove Lexus and only wanted Sansui equipments. Anyway, give me ideas to build a system for my B&W where I be close to the so called Hi-end sound. I forgot, I listen to mainly light rock, pop such as Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Styx, Supertramp, you know, like that.!
Thanks to all you for be so great advising.

You will get much better sound if you dedicated your resources towards one system. I know I am stating the obvious but felt compelled to give you a little reminder.

A poster in one of your other threads suggested conrad johnson gear. I can second that recommendation. Very musical but you will probably hear the tubes in between songs. It does not bother me and it all disappears when the music begins. You can buy a tube pre for about $1500 and a tube amp for 1,300-1,900 used on the 'gon.

I see we like similar music however I do like to rock it a little every once in awhile. I will caution you that most tube amps that I have listened to do not have the low end grip and impact that I desire and IMHO needed for the music that I listen to. The CJ's amps have a low end that is a little too slow and mushy for my taste. That is why I have a tube pre with a ss amp. I see you have monitors so perhaps a sub would help in this regard.
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Be sure for a cd/sacd player you get a Sony 595 as a refurb from SonyStyle, for $60. How can you pass that up?
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