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I agree with @bdp24 , Brent Butterworth outlived his usefulness in the 90s heyday of home theater when it was in its infancy. And it’s no surprise that Soundstage poo poos high sens. speakers and low watt tube amps. Look at some of the overpriced speakers needing arc welders to drive them that they constantly review.

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@ozzy62: I don’t know if everything you’ve heard about Lyric is true, but I was shocked at how I was treated by them when I lived in NYC in 1982. I had been been a customer of a number of high end shops in California before moving East, and had a complete Thorens-SME-Supex / ARC / Magneplanar Tympani system. Having seen Lyric’s name mentioned numerous times in TAS, I wanted to see what they had to offer.

Rather than being welcomed into the store, I was stopped at the doorway and informed that if I wasn’t there to buy something specific, entry would not be forthcoming. No browsing. The "salesman" who informed me of that fact was dripping with smug arrogance. If I was less civilized man I woulda punched him in his disgusting face. Utter pretentiousness!
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  • "The "salesman" who informed me of that fact was dripping with smug arrogance."

This attitude filters down from the top. From what I experienced from various audio shows I've worked at and attended over the years, this was certainly true of Lyric Audio. Nuff said,


Thank you for the link. Does Ken Pohlmann still write ?

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Jay Jay from Twisted Sister has an article in the latest Stereophile about Lyric from the time he worked there.