This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree

Receiver: Sansui, or Marantz, or maybe Yamaha
Turntable/RP: Bang and Olufsen or Technics
Cassette deck: Nakamichi. No one comes close.

To effer's list, I would add:Saul MarantzHenry KlossAvery FisherEdward VilchurPeter WalkerJon DahlquistRichard SequerraJohn CurlBruce MooreConrad and Johnson
Arnold Nudell....and this only gets us up to about 1980, and I've undoubtedly left out some great designers, thinkers, and all around eccentrics that have made this hobby a labor of love.
Moon by Sim Audio.
Quicksilver Audio
Mod Wright
Audio Note
Raven Audio

please step into the 21st Century. Apt Holman? no GAS (ampzilla, son of ampzilla....), Advent......

could go on....