This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree

Receiver: Sansui, or Marantz, or maybe Yamaha
Turntable/RP: Bang and Olufsen or Technics
Cassette deck: Nakamichi. No one comes close.

Professor Peabody, set the Way-Back machine to 1978!  Audio Research, Linn, Nakamichi, Yamaha, Quad, KLH 9s, Ampzilla, and Buck bleepin’ Dent...
Lloyd’s has always been a favorite.

Noise to signal is off the charts, signal is almost discernible.

THD? Yes, very much so! 
Frequency response is a solid 200hz - 2000hz

Comes with a tuner dial and everything!
Is this list the best components you will find in your closest goodwill store? If you were going to pay $10 or less, then these components would be a some kind of list. Cassette tape was doomed when it started: not enough tape to record on, heat if using in a car, and the 1.7 ips speed. I have had reel to reel decks and 3 3/4 speeds sounded terrible too, 7.5 ips was listenable but the magic occurred at 15ips.