This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree

Receiver: Sansui, or Marantz, or maybe Yamaha
Turntable/RP: Bang and Olufsen or Technics
Cassette deck: Nakamichi. No one comes close.

There's nothing to respond to. Nailed it.

Everyone scatter now....nothing to see here.
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thanks guys. I really want a Nakamichi LX-5. Used to have one, but it broke and the repair shop couldn't fix it!
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@russ69 yeah, cassettes can be a pain sometimes. But, when they are in good playable condition, on a good cassette deck, they sound awesome.
@dweller I just looked up the TA2090; that is a nice looking deck! do you have one?
@dweller I went to and read about the TA2090 - those things are really nice! did you get yours new in the 80s?
"...@russ69 yeah, cassettes can be a pain sometimes. But, when they are in good playable condition, on a good cassette deck, they sound awesome...."

They never sounded awesome, they just didn't sound really bad...bad but not really bad. 
You were only supposed to respond if you disagree.  And I disagree - I'll take Realistic over his listed brands.
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ive seen lots of realistic audio equipment in goodwills and other thrift stores. so i guess i have always thought of it to be a cheapo brand. 

Is their vintage stuff worth checking out?
I bought most of my VHS machines from WDS.
Nice outfits. I got a pristine Onkyo 301 on eBay for $25.
About what it's worth. It does a fine job playing mix tapes in the workshop though.
I'm sorry that I'm laughing but what price range are you looking at that looks like at best and I'm being very nice midfi.
Wow. At first I thought that the OP was joking, but now I realize that he's serious. 
Speakers/ Tannoy
Amp/ Sugden class A
Turntable/ Linn or Thorens
Cartridge/Ortofon or Hana
Cassette Deck/ Aiwa AD F990
CD/ Sacd = Marantz
Dac/ Border Patrol
Speaker cables/ Auditorium 23

So there....

Brands I like and

Russco, QRK, Sparta, Fairchild
Cary Audio
VMPS speakers
MY speakers
MY subs
MY Bass Bins
MY MB Columns
My Cabinets
Your MONEY...
Farm Girl (55 years old)

Nakamichi took a questionable format into a famous one. Selling my LX7 was the worst move I ever made in audio. Sold it to a tech that worked on them, so he knew what he was doing. 
Funny no one has mentioned vintage Pioneer receivers. Listening to my SX-1050 right now. Really awesome.

Professor Peabody, set the Way-Back machine to 1978!  Audio Research, Linn, Nakamichi, Yamaha, Quad, KLH 9s, Ampzilla, and Buck bleepin’ Dent...
Lloyd’s has always been a favorite.

Noise to signal is off the charts, signal is almost discernible.

THD? Yes, very much so! 
Frequency response is a solid 200hz - 2000hz

Comes with a tuner dial and everything!
Is this list the best components you will find in your closest goodwill store? If you were going to pay $10 or less, then these components would be a some kind of list. Cassette tape was doomed when it started: not enough tape to record on, heat if using in a car, and the 1.7 ips speed. I have had reel to reel decks and 3 3/4 speeds sounded terrible too, 7.5 ips was listenable but the magic occurred at 15ips.
You could do worse with a Morris Marina but it would not turn into flames.

" Is their vintage stuff worth checking out?"

Yes, I love vintage equipment, here's a good place to start.

I still have a Technics M63 cassette deck from the ‘80’s.  I seldom use it now but it still works and I hang onto it — still displayed with my other equipment cause it looks the business.   ☺️