This is the best i have built

My best system is a krell cypher sacd two krell evolution one monoblocks(stereo pair) two krell evolution 2 preamps(stereo pair)and westlake audio tower sm1 speakers..It's the best possible sound you can get and sounds better than amy genesis system.. I have also got the best home cinema system you can get, it's a sim2 lumis 3d-s krell evolution 707 av controlling two 403es 3 channel a 402e 2 channel and a 302e 2 channel with bowers and wilkins custom home theatre 3 subs 1 centre 2 front 2 side and 2 at the back!
Bravo, sounds like you have some killer systems...

Well then, now that we know what the best is, we can all stop looking! Thanks!
Please post some pictures of your systems.
LOL!! Congrats!! Good for you!!
do not strain anything patting yourself on the back!
If your not familiar with Audiogon you can go to the homepage and look under Virtual Systems where many fine systems are posted to include pictures which I believe would better serve you. Good Luck