This is subjective, but what has been the best sounding SACD you have had?

Down Home Chrome by Junior Brown on Telarc.
Brahms Symphony #2 on Pentatone.
Anna Moffo Operatic Arias on RCA.
I have to say, though, that when I play my dual-layer CD/SACDs through my Sony SACD player for the SACD layer and my Mytek Brooklyn for the CD layer, I prefer the Mytek-ed CD layer just as often. 
Not that the sound is world-beating on any of them, but my SACD of Ziggy Stardust does sound slightly better than either my 1980 RCA British reissue vinyl or my 1970's well-used early edition domestic vinyl.
Tough to narrow it down.  I really like the Harmonia Mundi Tri-Cornered Hat recording  (Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Pons cond.), but the recent Reference Recordings Pittsburgh Symphony recordings  are excellent, as are the San Francisco Symphony label recordings and the Channel Classics recordings of Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra.
The Band s/t on Mobile Fidelity, Bob Dylan & The Band Planet Waves on same.
I second the Channel Classics, and would also add the BIS label
When I upgraded my interconnects to WireWorld Series 8 all my SACDs and DSVD-As took a giant leap
My reference:Jamie Cullum- Twentysomething (2004) Verve.
tweak1,  I have used the Wireworld Eclipse 3 and Gold Eclipse 3 and 5 in the past.  Thanks for the "heads-up" on the 8.  J