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who has tried pro audio XLR cables (Mogami Gold for instance) in their high end rig? I bought some Mogami Golds from Sweetwater a while back for home theater duty; Have not done extensive A/B with the more expensive types in the main system yet, but plan to..just to see; er ah hear;

I'm curious about pro equipment too. The prices are certainly attractive compared to high-end home gear. I don't know if my Primacoustic panels purchased from Sweetwater Sound count as "pro" but they work like magic and were reasonably priced. Looking forward to other responses.
I'm happy with the Behringer equipment I have....a pair of 8024 eq's, a 2496 active xover, and a MX882 splitter/mixer that works as a 'advanced form of balance'. *G*
You can get some good deals on used equipment if that appeals...
Looked up your Prima panels...they ought to function just Fine....

Studios, home or Pro, and living rooms (or 'dude dungeons'...'man caves' seems a bit 'primitive' to my mind..;)...) both feature music at varied volumes..*G*

Enjoy, and don't feel you have to apologize for 'preference'.... 👍
I'm currently in the early stages of converting my cabling over to Mogami W2534 cable (the same cable that Mogami uses in the gold series) and Xhadow xlr connectors. I haven't converted enough to know if the Xhadow connectors are worth the price but the Mogami is a no brainer. One advantage to the Xhadow is that the terminals non solder so it makes it much easier to build your own which is a major cost savings, though I would still tin the ends of the cable.

Mogami cable I believe has been for decades the industry standard in the upper echelons of the pro world in both studio and live applications. The Xhadow I'm not sure of, but with their reputation they probably are part of the equation at least in the studio world. The live world is probably too brutal to justify the expense.
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Mogamis are nice but they won't sound any better than decent lower-priced cables. I record every day with Mogamis because I figure they'll last a long time, but I wouldn't hesitate to use a more generic brand. I also have Mogamis as interconnects in my listening room and there is no reason not to use them versus some overpriced "audiophile" cables.