This is mainly B.S. or useless Hyperbole, but....secondary units/systems.

If you have been at home more and, perhaps, listening to your audio system more,...what are your thoughts on your system now?

Has listening more made you think of changes...or has it made you like/appreciate what you currently have more?

My experience has made me appreciate some of my secondary "music makers" more.  A bedroom radio system/units Nakamichi TM-1&2  and a  Nakamichi Soundspace 5...even a table Sony radio in the bath.  Yes, the main system of Maggies and more is still the "critical listening" one, but the fact that all of the secondary items are in rooms and times when I am not in the "audio geek" mode.  Live and learn....and listen. 


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in the office a nice looking Sony CMT-SD1, a 3 unit micro system (amp-tuner-cd/md/tape), sounds warm and punchy. I like it and would not change it.